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Spring 2024


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New in the Times Literary Supplement
A Review of The Everyday Life of Memorials

In his recent piece for the Times Literary Supplement, Tristram Hunt discusses Andrew Shanken’s The Everyday Life of Memorials alongside other recent titles on the history of monuments. Click here to learn more about Shanken’s book. Click here to access the review or see the button to the left. An excerpt appears below:

“Shanken’s study is a more academic work of cultural geography, infused with Lefebvrian discourse and forever situating the author’s arguments within highly stratified historiographical debates. But it does provide an interesting chronology on the place of the memorial within modernism, beginning with the French Revolution and the protection of the past during the rapid transformation of nineteenth-century Paris. With political secularization and the fabric of the modern city stripping away traditional markers of time and place, the proliferation of new memorials became both a symbol of change and a way of engendering some stability amid the relentless flux.”