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New in Texte Zur Kunst
Heterochronia in the Italian ‘60s

For a recent article in Texte Zur Kunst, Tom Mcdonough discusses Romy Golan’s Flashback, Eclipse: The Political Imaginary of Italian Art in the 1960s. Click here to learn more about the book. Click here to read the full review. An excerpt appears below:

“Golan articulates an authentically political immaginario operating as a series of temporal dislocations in the art of the Italian ’60s. These dislocations take the form of what she calls ‘flashback’ – an ‘intervention of the past in the present flow of a narrative,’ revealing ‘something that has been omitted’ – and ‘eclipse,’ the obscuring of one moment by another, which instead reveals ‘by omission.’ These are both figures for a decidedly nonlinear temporality, in which one historical moment may be folded over or under another, experienced precisely as the revelation or occlusion of an image. In fact, one could characterize Flashback, Eclipse as an immersion into the historical strata of images that constitute something like a social archive of Italian visual memory. An expert diver, Golan brings unexpected associations and resonances back to the surface, exposing the persistence of various historical pasts in what many had taken to be our perpetual present.”