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Spring 2024


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New in Society & Space
A Review of Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution

Corey McCall discusses the effects of neoliberalism on democratic political agency in this review of Wendy Brown’s Undoing the Demos. Click here to learn more about the book. Click here to read the full article. An excerpt appears below.

“There has been a spate of recent books on neoliberalism. What distinguishes Brown’s account from books by an author such as Philip Mirowski whose analysis of neoliberalism is, like Brown’s, inspired by Foucault’s account of neoliberalism in The Birth of Biopolitics is that Brown focuses more on neoliberalism as an account of governmentality that affects individual conduct rather than simply a new form of economic rationality. For this reason, her book should be read alongside Dardot and Laval’s The New Way of the World: On Neoliberal Society, which also focuses on the broader social context in which strategies of neoliberal governmentality are deployed, although its authors focus on the European context rather than that of the United States.”