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Spring 2024


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A Review of Ivan Ascher’s Portfolio Society
The Making of Homo Probabilis

New in Fila Sophia, a review of Ivan Ascher’s Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist of Mode of Prediction. Click here to learn more about the book. Click here to read the full article. An excerpt appears below.

Portfolio Society is such a well-written book of economic and political theory that it is hard to put down–no small feat for the genre. Ascher knows how to tell a story, and, like his model Marx, does so with remarkable wit and charm, even as he accounts for the financialization of the economies of the capitalist core and the accompanying neoliberal turn, which ultimately depend on the creation of a new subjectivity, homo probabilis. He tells this story using a brilliant homology between the creation of the labor relationship (from Capital Volume One) and that of the credit relation, now so central to our economic existence, in a way that sheds light on the 2008 global financial collapse.”