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Spring 2024


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New on e-flux Architecture
Open Verification

In a new piece in e-flux Architecture, Eyal Weizman writes about the ongoing practices of Forensic Architecture, the research group he founded in London. Click here to learn more about the book he published with Zone by the same title (out in paperback this fall.)Click here to read the full article. An excerpt appears below:

“We do not yet have a satisfactory name for the new reactionary forces—a combination of digital-racism, ultra-nationalism, self-victimhood, and conspiracism—that have taken hold across the world and become manifest in countries such as Russia, Poland, Hungary, Britain, Italy, Brazil, the US, and Israel, where I most closely experienced them. These forces have made the obscuring, blurring, manipulation, and distortion of facts their trademark. Whatever form of reality denial ‘post truth’ is, it is not simply about lying. Lying in politics is sometimes necessary. Deception, after all, has always been part of the toolbox of statecraft, and there might not be more of it now than in previous times. The defining characteristics of our era might thus not be an extraordinary dissemination of untruths, but rather, ongoing attacks against the institutional authorities that buttress facts: government experts, universities, science laboratories, mainstream media, and the judiciary.”